Prospect Vault

The Prospect Vault simplifies the digital recruiting process for both athletes and scouts by providing a database of objective player measurables. It's used by the top teams, scouts, and amateur players across Ontario to help connect college recruiters, professional scouts, to elite level teams and athletes.

Branding / Product Design / Web App

Data-driven Player Profiles

By researching the competition and conducting interviews with scouts, players, and parents, I learned that the baseball world was emotionally exhausted from subjective rankings of players. The goal was to design a product that sorted players by objective measurements – not by popular opinion or dollars spent. I created a tool for recruiters to filter player data in order to find the perfect fit through. In order to help the less tech-savvy parents, players, and scouts understand what they were looking at, I oversaw the strategy of website and social media content that was easily understood by any reader.